G  Suite Enterprise

Aug 22, 2019

G Suite Enterprise is the premium office suite with advanced security, controls, and customization.

Administrative Controls

Enhance Drive security by adding an extra layer of protection to prevent sensitive information from being revealed to those who shouldn’t have it.

Scan email traffic for specific content, such as credit card or social security numbers. Set up policy-based actions when this content is detected.

Scan images for text. Identify and mitigate loss of confidential data in scanned images.

Use a third-party archiving product to store and discover mission-critical email.Analyze Gmail logs in BigQuery, using advanced and customized queries.

Require a security key for users to sign in to their accounts.

Use S/MIME encryption to enhance email security.

Customer  Testimonials

NRB Industrial Bearings Limited

Infiflex is an efficient and reliable source for our company. They have been able to service a broad range of mailing solution needs while always remaining flexible, cost effective, and most importantly service is fast. They are a trusted partner for us. Keep it up the good work!

Prashant Surve

As our G Suite partner Infiflex has always supported and guided us.
Infiflex has provided us excellent service all the time and were always there to support us. Infiflex guided us to how to get the most out of G Suite.

  About  Company

Infiflex Technologies is a cloud computing company offering a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. We provide business consultancy and optimal solutions through our cloud based products. Our value proposition includes reduced Total Cost of Ownership, fast and quality computing, high scalability, reduced security risks and superior performance.